Mindwaves Technical Solutions Inc.

Mindwaves Technical Solutions Inc. offers effective and cost concious solutions to small and medium business. Our years of experience and support has allowed companies to focus on their business, not the technology used in their business.

Mindwaves offers four business lines, Technical Support, Mechanical Design Services, Project Management Services and Technical Training. Our years of experience in all four areas offers our clients a wide range of services to help them grow and prosper.


Mindwaves Design

With over 10 years experience in the mechanical design of sheet metal components, injection-molded and vacuum formed plastic enclosures, and mechanical printed circuit board layouts, Mindwaves provides product life-cycle support to all of its customers.

Technical Support Services

Mindwaves Technical Support services provides several options to small and medium sized businesses to alleviate their IT issues and allow them to focus on business needs.

Mindwaves Project Management

Mindwaves Project Management Services provides full project management services to assist in the implementation of Technology or Mechanical Engineering projects.

Our resources are experienced in managing large projects with great results.

Mindwaves Training Services

Mindwaves Training Services offers technical training to companies and individuals. Our training is designed to help facilitate the use of technology to further business activities allowing the trainee to get the most out of the tools available to them without having to spend large parts of their day tech focused.

Our training differs from many others and will be tailored as much as possible to your requirements. Mindwaves also provides an option to purchase technical support to assist in getting the most out of your training months later.